Let’s share the value we truly add – all those intangibles that can’t be manipulated into a number. Leave a comment on the original post linking back to a picture or blog showing your value.

No Sleep 'til Summer::

I have been so moved by all of you who shared my post and even took the time to comment here. You showed me I’m not alone. That you stand with me and I with you. I feel it! So, let’s stand and say it together, to each other. In a way only teachers can! And I will tell you what you have told me — what you do is amazing!

It’s time. For teachers to make our voices heard.

It’s time. For us to tell our stories. Our students’ stories.

It’s time to show the world what we’re worth. Let’s face it, it’s overdue.

Blog it. Take videos. Pictures. Post on Facebook. Twitter. Tumbler. Your local paper. You are immensely creative and daring daily — you create lessons, design charts, decorate and redecorate whole classrooms overnight, take 5-year-olds and 14-year-olds on field trips, and SO much more. So…

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