Collaborations Lead to Celebrations

I am excited and energized by several projects I am collaborating on with colleagues and hoping we see them through to successful, inspirational completion. I head to school this morning with an extra spring in my step, knowing that all three are moving forward and all three have the potential to make a great impact.

It’s important to find and devise projects that extend past the realm of just the students we have in front of us. At this point, though, it’s too early to talk about the projects I’m involved with that meet those criteria.

It’s timely, though, to celebrate the culmination of all the hard work another colleague and I – and of course, our students! – have put in for our play! For the last week or so, my play partner and I have been bringing students up during lunch to help us paint the scenery (what a great outlet for the artists who don’t get a chance to explore their talents or hobbies). For months, we’ve collaborated as two classes to practice songs, dances, spoken lines, and microphone transitions. The scenery looks great, the songs sound almost 100 % distinguishable, and the dances have the potential to induce goosebumps!

It would certainly seem this week will start off in grand fashion!


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