Brain Cookies

Kids psych themselves out so much the day of The Test that, much more than being a proctor or facilitator of knowledge, the teacher that day becomes a psychologist, too.

Part of the test-taking game is outsmarting the kids – making them feel it’s not such a big deal and that you have all the tricks to help them be successful.

So this morning, I’ll introduce this class to one of my great tricks: brain cookies.

Did you know peppermint gives the brain a boost? It does, and if you don’t believe me, it’s all over the internet (legitimately!)

Brain cookies are simple to make. Use any sugar cookie recipe and plop a peppermint candy on top before you bake it! Voila! A bite size brain boost for your students!

I’ll have my kids sniff them tomorrow morning and then let them eat them before the test. With the brain boost from the peppermint, they’ll feel more confident and ready to tackle The Test. Ain’t that sweet?

Brain cookies: proven to give kids a psychological advantage on The Test.


One response to “Brain Cookies

  1. It’s like Dumbo’s magic feather!

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