A Note on Appreciation

I find myself writing a lot of cards lately. Father’s Day is Sunday, of course. So let’s see, there’s my dad, my grandfather, my uncle, and of course the two newest fathers, my cousins. They’re all getting a card (and I won’t tell you what they cost, even at the half-price store!) Of course, I hope the words I wrote provide them with much joy and effectively signal my appreciation and/or hopes for them.

In that spirit, we’re into the single digits now as far as days left in the school year, so that means it’s time to, in a small way, return the many favors certain people at school have blessed me with since September.

I make it a point to write thank you cards to a lot of folks at work each year. There are secretaries, aides, paras, colleagues, administrators, and support personnel who never say, “No,” to any of my requests. Often there’s little I can do to repay them – except be friendly and pleasant – so I feel a handwritten card with carefully chosen words of appreciation goes a very long way.

In a school like mine, which is GINORMOUS, it is easy for people to get lost in the shuffle. Sometimes people are left feeling unappreciated, and no one should have to feel that way.

It’s appropriate to acknowledge the efficient, dedicated work of people who don’t stand out until they’re not there, like the custodians. We have many people like that in my school who are just good at what they do. They perform essential services that we would sorely miss if they weren’t there, and they ought to be recognized.

I enjoy giving these cards. Though I’ve never seen someone’s reaction, as I usually leave them in a mailbox, it is my hope that the little note I leave them reinforces their worth and makes them realize how very much appreciated they really are.


2 responses to “A Note on Appreciation

  1. Such a kind thing to do that has been somewhat abandoned. Kiddos to you for spreading some cheer and appreciation!

  2. Such a kind thing to do that has been somewhat abandoned. Kiddos to you for spreading some cheer and appreciation!

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