Writing on the Storm

Greetings, live from New York City, where by all accounts, we are about to experience something the area’s never seen.

Sandy is close to making landfall south of us, and situated where we are, we’re going to really feel her wrath. Tunnels in the city are closed, subways and buses are closed, and schools are closed. The city may not be sleeping, but it is certainly lying in wait for what could be considered catastrophic conditions.

The moon is new, and although flooding has started in coastal areas, it only stands to get worse tonight at high tide. Waters are expected to rise to 11 feet or more. Winds are expected to get up to 90 mph in places. If it sounds scary, that’s because it is.

I’m hunkered down in my apartment, watching the weather worsen, listening to the howls of wind whipping by. I’m texting and calling family and friends around the area, checking on their safety and updating on mine. I’ve got dinner in the crockpot and some nice healthy cookies just came out of the oven. Who knows if I’ll have this luxury once things really ramp up? In the event that power and/or water goes, I’ve got a lantern, flashlight, matches, camping stove, bottles of water, and a full tub waiting.

Tempting as it is for me (former journalism wannabe) to go out and assess the situation and experience it, that’s probably not the smartest idea. If you’re affected by the storm, be smart and stay inside.


One response to “Writing on the Storm

  1. Thanks for letting us experience the NYC #sandy through your eyes. If your students write about it later, I hope you’ll share.

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