Writing on the Storm, Day 2

The first sign the storm had mostly passed was I heard no wind when I woke up this morning. There’s still wind but it’s nothing like what we saw yesterday, or I imagine, overnight. While we are in the clear weather-wise, the sun rose on a very sobering, sad reality for many in this area.

Schools are closed again today and will be closed again tomorrow. Hospitals were evacuated overnight. The subway system is flooded with saltwater (basically the worst case scenario) and at places in lower Manhattan, the East River and Hudson River met on land.

I went for a walk down to the water before 10 today. Luckily, my neighborhood has largely been spared. Some big branches are down, but I saw no fallen trees, crushed cars, or damaged homes.

I and my immediate family were spared power outages, flooding, and property damage. Unfortunately, many family members and friends are not so fortunate. I know many people who are in the dark, including most everyone I know on Long Island, where 90% of homes are powerless. I know people who had their cars totaled by water, who had their houses flooded, and who were forced to leave at the height of the storm. It’s scary to hear about it – imagine what it’s like for them to live it.

It is expected that the damage and cost of this storm will be in excess of 35 billion dollars. All of us who are capable ought to lend a helping hand, either by making a donation or providing manual assistance.


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