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We Flip for Read Aloud!!

Do you remember the precious moments you spent being read to as a youngster? Reading to a child is one of the greatest ways to improve their understanding and fluency. Now, with our class meeting on the web, my goal is to provide them with engaging read aloud experiences that they can enjoy at home.

My 28 fifth grade students in New York all come from impoverished homes and are all English Language Learners. Regardless of their backgrounds, though, they are all sweet, eager children who love to have books read to them.

Your generosity truly can make a difference!

At home, many circumstances preclude their parents from reading to them. Many of the parents speak and read limited English. Therefore, the experiences the students have listening to stories in English becomes ever more crucial to their improvement as users of the English language. They also have extra responsibilities, such as caring for younger relatives, so many times, reading takes a backseat. Parents work nights to make ends meet, and sadly, many of the kids have no one to read to them at home.

That’s where you come in.

I’ve recently, to much excitement and intrigue, established a new class web site. Students meet on the web to discuss what’s going on in school and share their discoveries about books and the world around them. The shyest students are initiating conversations online, gaining confidence in themselves as they do so. The dialogue on the site is developing reason and interests.

However, one experience the class consistently lacks at home is the experience of having a fluent model of reading. So, I’m asking that you help them improve, and sustain the excitement of learning on the web, by donating money to enable me to purchase a Flip camcorder. With it, I will record read alouds to post on the site. With the videos available on demand, students can then practice their listening skills nightly and repeatedly. Their understanding of stories and their ability to fluently read will improve.

For them, read aloud is fun, but for me, it is a crucial educational device.You can really impact my students. They are hungry to improve. I’m amazed at their response to our web site. They respond to polls about what book I should read to them next and devour the ideas and thoughts provided by their peers.

They truly will flip for a Flip camcorder. You can really make a major difference in improving these lovely children as readers.

Thank you so much for your consideration. 

As I’ve asked you in the past, if you have the ability to give any amount of money to help my students’ cause, I would be ever appreciative. Follow the link to Donors Choose. It’s a great opportunity for you to help change the lives of my students. Thanks for your time and support!