My Students Remind Me: I Do a Good Job

Since I started teaching, my mom has come in at the end of every year to make scrapbooks with my students. We take all the pictures from the year and she buys stickers, paper and embellishments and works with the kids to make me a scrapbook. They are truly beautiful and show the abilities of students that otherwise don’t show, but what is best is reading what the kids write to me in the end.

Here are some of the most touching notes I’ve received. I have no doubt your students would say many of the same things about you! (All this despite what politicians would have them believe!)

I would like to thank you for preparing us for 6th grade and thank  you for encouraging us to do anything we can do.

You are so nice.  You helped me with many things I needed help. And you are also funny. You make me laugh a lot.

I will miss you. You helped me improve in my reading. You’re the best. I hope you remember me after many years.

You have been the best teacher and friend. You help us with our problems and you teach us and make sure we understand it. You make us reach our dreams and encourage us.

I really love you a lot because you help me with a lot of things. You’re an awesome teacher and I’ll miss you. Every single little problem I have, you fix it. No teacher has done something like that for me.

Thank you for teaching us right from wrong.

In fifth grade I had Mr. Ray. My only wish is that I could stay. Moving up is really good. All he has taught me is understood.

Mr. Ray you are like a ray that always look in front, never back. Like you look to the good days. Never look to the bad. I want to be like you.

Mr. Ray, you are nice. You won’t even harm a mice. You are very fair. And you always care.

M is for how manly you are. R is how you teach us to respect. R is for how responsible. a is for how absolutely awesome you are. Y is for how you yodel (sing) good.

Mr. Ray is fun, he shines like the sun. Mr. Ray is special to me, can’t you see? He is very sweet, like nobody could be. I will miss you, Mr. Ray and I am here to say, “WE LOVE YOU, MR. RAY!”

It saddens me that I must leave, I thank him for all he helped me achieve.

So there’s that. No numbers, just the opinions of those who really matter: the students.



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