Snow Day Stinker

“Our expectation is that major streets will be totally cleared over night. And that will mean that city public schools will resume classes tomorrow. Sorry about that, for those that wanted another day off…We need to make sure that our kids get the education they need to enjoy the great American dream, and that means showing up in the classroom.”        – The Hon. Mayor Michael Bloomberg

Of course, in announcing his intention to open schools tomorrow, the mayor fails to take into account the reality that is digging out the car for the morning commute. (He missed a golden opportunity to plug the MTA here! WHY?)

This is the view from my door at about 8:40 pm, Feb. 10, 2010. Shoveling at this point is well, pointless.

After his sagacious announcement I immediately donned my boots, threw on my sweatshirt, zipped up my coat, and slipped into my gloves so I could dig out my car in advance of 4 am tomorrow (as Mayor Mike seems to expect teachers will). Seeing that it had been plowed past my windshield, I deduced that, given the still falling snow at 6 pm, it might not make much sense for me to overexert myself in the name of having to do it all over again tomorrow.

Mayor Mike may be fond of espousing the virtues of him riding the rails to City Hall each day (and today, the train was only 3/4 full, he told us!), but he failed to mention that he’s in all likelihood not the one digging the driveway out at Gracie Mansion.

Adding insult to injury, Bloomberg’s announcement was issued in a snide, condescending way. He smiled mockingly as he delivered the line apologizing to “those that wanted another day off.” Must be an inside joke he and his pal Klein were sharing, because the only sound you heard after that little doozy was the seething of every teacher in New York. Yes, we’re fully aware you don’t appreciate our value or our opinion, so PLEASE, BloomKlein, just rub our noses in it! We already know you think your teachers stink (DON”T THE TEST SCORES SHOW IT, AFTER ALL?) Please, please, PLEASE, continue to take every opportunity to broadcast that to the entire city and try to turn popular opinion against one of the most noble professions in the world and some of the most dedicated people working in the city.

If only for one day, Bloomberg could come down from his undeservedly high horse and situate himself in a teacher’s shoes. He takes only $1 in annual salary, but he more than makes up for it with the riches of his ignorance.

Don’t read this as a bitter teacher looking for another day off. Believe me when I say that days off benefit no one less than they do me.

4 responses to “Snow Day Stinker

  1. Oh, yes, Bloomberg once again proved himself to be a snide ass. Not only will he not be digging out Gracie Mansion but he probably won’t leave Manhattan to take a glimpse at the outer boroughs — never mind look at Long Island, where MANY Queens teachers have to drive from.

    News anchors and others all commented how safe it was today (despite dozens of accidents) because SCHOOLS were closed and not NEARLY as many people were out on the streets. So much for that!

  2. there is no other explanation then that he is a total ass… and deserves to get kicked in the balls by all the teachers he’s ever had…!!!!

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